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1st July 2022

  • in a Battle Royale match on , , , , , , was ringside, – interference from beatdown by

  • Eliminations

    1. Darby Allin eliminated Tony Nese, The Blade, The Butcher,
    2. Ricky Starks eliminated John Silver, Dustin Rhodes, Keith Lee,
    3. Swerve Strickland eliminated Max Caster, Orange Cassidy,
    4. Penta El Zero M eliminated Rush,
    5. Rush eliminated Penta El Zero M,
    6. The Blade eliminated Matt Hardy, Frankie Kazarian, Konosuke Takeshita, Swerve Strickland,
    7. Brody King eliminated Dante Martin, Adam Page, Darby Allin,
    8. Powerhouse Hobbs eliminated Dustin Rhodes,
    9. The Butcher eliminated Konosuke Takeshita, Swerve Strickland,
    10. Keith Lee eliminated Powerhouse Hobbs,
    11. Adam Page eliminated Ricky Starks,

    23rd February 2022

  • in a Tag Battle Royale match on , , , was ringside, – interference from which ended with a staredown with , , ,

  • Eliminations

    1. Cash Wheeler eliminated Nick Jackson,
    2. Chuck Taylor eliminated The Butcher,
    3. Dax Harwood eliminated Nick Jackson,
    4. John Silver eliminated The Blade, Marq Quen, Isiah Kassidy, Cash Wheeler,
    5. Kyle O'Reilly eliminated Chuck Taylor, Santana, Matt Jackson,
    6. Matt Jackson eliminated Ortiz, Trent, John Silver,
    7. Nick Jackson eliminated Ortiz,
    8. Ortiz eliminated Austin Gunn,
    9. Santana eliminated Matt Lee, Jeff Parker, Colten Gunn,
    10. The Blade eliminated Alex Reynolds,
    11. Trent eliminated Bobby Fish,
    12. Bobby Fish eliminated Dax Harwood,

    30th May 2021

  • in a Battle Royale match on came out but headed to the back & match officiated by , , , with commentary from , , , – interference from to earn a which ended with a staredown with the announcer was

  • Eliminations

    1. Preston Vance eliminated Serpentico,
    2. Dustin Rhodes eliminated Nick Comoroto,
    3. Christian Cage eliminated Marq Quen, Powerhouse Hobbs, Max Caster, Matt Hardy,
    4. Matt Hardy eliminated Lee Johnson, Lio Rush, Griff Garrison,
    5. Jungle Boy eliminated Christian Cage, Isiah Kassidy, Penta El Zero M,
    6. Penta El Zero M eliminated Evil Uno,
    7. Powerhouse Hobbs eliminated Dustin Rhodes,
    8. Isiah Kassidy eliminated Brian Pillman JR, Colt Cabana,
    9. Marq Quen eliminated Brian Pillman JR,
    10. Brian Pillman JR eliminated Anthony Bowens,
    11. Griff Garrison eliminated Anthony Bowens,
    12. Lee Johnson eliminated Aaron Solo,
    13. Max Caster eliminated Matt Sydal,
    14. Nick Comoroto eliminated Preston Vance,

    9th April 2021


    1. Alan Angels eliminated Colten Gunn,
    2. Preston Vance eliminated Scorpio Sky, Colten Gunn, Ethan Page,
    3. Alex Reynolds eliminated Austin Gunn,
    4. Austin Gunn eliminated Alan Angels,
    5. Lance Archer eliminated Powerhouse Hobbs, The Blade, Ricky Starks, Alex Reynolds, Stu Grayson,
    6. Powerhouse Hobbs eliminated Preston Vance,
    7. Ethan Page eliminated Evil Uno, Colt Cabana,
    8. The Butcher eliminated Lance Archer,

    7th March 2021

  • in a Tag Battle Royale match on , was ringside,

  • Eliminations

    1. QT Marshall eliminated Alan Angels, Colten Gunn, Austin Gunn, QT Marshall,
    2. Santana eliminated Mike Sydal, Matt Sydal,
    3. Ortiz eliminated Mike Sydal,
    4. Austin Gunn eliminated Peter Avalon,
    5. Bronson eliminated Stu Grayson, Luchasaurus,
    6. Boulder eliminated Stu Grayson, Luchasaurus,
    7. Jungle Boy eliminated Ortiz, Santana, Alex Reynolds, PAC,
    8. Luchasaurus eliminated Cezar Bononi, Griff Garrison, Dustin Rhodes,
    9. Marko Stunt eliminated Evil Uno,
    10. The Butcher eliminated Brian Pillman JR, Dustin Rhodes, Boulder, Bronson,
    11. The Blade eliminated Preston Vance, Dustin Rhodes,
    12. Rey Fenix eliminated The Blade, Christopher Daniels, John Silver, Jungle Boy,
    13. PAC eliminated Marq Quen, Frankie Kazarian,
    14. John Silver eliminated Isiah Kassidy,
    15. Alex Reynolds eliminated Isiah Kassidy,
    16. Frankie Kazarian eliminated The Butcher,
    17. Christopher Daniels eliminated The Butcher,

    2nd December 2020


    1. Matt Hardy eliminated Isiah Kassidy, Adam Page,
    2. Adam Page eliminated Serpentico,
    3. John Silver eliminated Luther, Alex Reynolds,
    4. Alex Reynolds eliminated Luther,
    5. Shawn Spears eliminated Matt Sydal,
    6. Scorpio Sky eliminated Shawn Spears,
    7. Wardlow eliminated Scorpio Sky, Miro,
    8. Marq Quen eliminated John Silver,
    9. Orange Cassidy eliminated Kip Sabian, Wardlow,
    10. Miro eliminated Joey Janela, Marq Quen, Matt Hardy, Lee Johnson,
    11. MJF eliminated Jungle Boy, Miro, Sammy Guevara,
    12. Sammy Guevara eliminated Miro,

    27th May 2020


    1. Luchasaurus eliminated Luther,
    2. Colt Cabana eliminated Sonny Kiss,
    3. Billy Gunn eliminated Colt Cabana,
    4. Peter Avalon eliminated Brandon Cutler,
    5. Brandon Cutler eliminated Peter Avalon,
    6. Marko Stunt eliminated Christopher Daniels,
    7. Wardlow eliminated Billy Gunn, Marko Stunt, Luchasaurus,
    8. MJF eliminated Billy Gunn, Luchasaurus,
    9. Jungle Boy eliminated Orange Cassidy, Wardlow, MJF,
    10. Orange Cassidy eliminated Wardlow,

    20th November 2019


    1. Chuck Taylor eliminated Penta El Zero M,
    2. MJF eliminated Jungle Boy, Sonny Kiss, Orange Cassidy,
    3. Billy Gunn eliminated Jimmy Havoc, Marko Stunt,
    4. Shawn Spears eliminated Joey Janela,
    5. Adam Page eliminated Billy Gunn,
    6. Kip Sabian eliminated Chuck Taylor,
    7. Jungle Boy eliminated Kip Sabian,

    31st August 2019


    1. Awesome Kong eliminated Tenille Dashwood, Ivelisse,
    2. Bea Priestley eliminated Sadie Gibbs, Britt Baker, Awesome Kong,
    3. Britt Baker eliminated Shazza McKenzie, Bea Priestley, ODB, Mercedes Martinez, Brandi Rhodes,
    4. The Bunny eliminated Brandi Rhodes,
    5. Nyla Rose eliminated Shalandra Royal, Leva Bates, Faby Apache, Priscilla Kelly, Penelope Ford, Big Swole, The Bunny, Nicole Savoy, Jazz, Britt Baker,
    6. ODB eliminated Teal Piper, Awesome Kong,
    7. Sadie Gibbs eliminated Awesome Kong,

    25th May 2019

  • in a Battle Royale match on , was ringside, match officiated by , , , with commentary from , to earn a the announcer was

  • Eliminations

    1. Sunny Daze eliminated MT Nakazawa,
    2. Glacier eliminated Sunny Daze,
    3. MJF eliminated Brandon Cutler, Dustin Thomas, Glacier,
    4. Luchasaurus eliminated Isiah Kassidy, Jimmy Havoc, Joey Janela, Marq Quen,
    5. Jungle Boy eliminated Ace Romero,
    6. Isiah Kassidy eliminated Brian Pillman JR,
    7. Marq Quen eliminated Brian Pillman JR,
    8. Dustin Thomas eliminated Shawn Spears,
    9. Brandon Cutler eliminated Billy Gunn,
    10. Jimmy Havoc eliminated Jungle Boy, Tommy Dreamer,
    11. Ace Romero eliminated Marko Stunt,
    12. Tommy Dreamer eliminated Orange Cassidy, Sonny Kiss,
    13. Adam Page eliminated Luchasaurus, MJF,