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Tag Battle Royale

2nd March 2022

  • in a Tag Battle Royale match on with ringside which ended with a staredown with , ,
  • Eliminations

    1. Anthony Bowens eliminated Griff Garrison, Preston Vance, Stu Grayson,
    2. Cash Wheeler eliminated Alan Angels, Brian Pillman JR, Austin Gunn, Santana, Dante Martin,
    3. Dante Martin eliminated Max Caster, Cash Wheeler,
    4. Darius Martin eliminated Anthony Bowens, Nick Jackson,
    5. Dax Harwood eliminated Alan Angels, Brian Pillman JR, Austin Gunn, Lee Johnson, Ortiz,
    6. Evil Uno eliminated Ryan Nemeth,
    7. Matt Jackson eliminated Colten Gunn, Brock Anderson, Trent, Dax Harwood, Darius Martin,
    8. Nick Jackson eliminated Colten Gunn, Brock Anderson, Dax Harwood,
    9. Ortiz eliminated Bear Boulder, Chuck Taylor, Matt Lee,
    10. Preston Vance eliminated The Blade,
    11. Santana eliminated Bear Bronson, Bear Boulder, Jeff Parker,
    12. Stu Grayson eliminated The Butcher, Peter Avalon,
    13. Trent eliminated Evil Uno,

    23rd February 2022

  • in a Tag Battle Royale match on with , , , ringside – interference from which ended with a staredown with , , ,
  • Eliminations

    1. Cash Wheeler eliminated Nick Jackson,
    2. Chuck Taylor eliminated The Butcher,
    3. Dax Harwood eliminated Nick Jackson,
    4. John Silver eliminated The Blade, Marq Quen, Isiah Kassidy, Cash Wheeler,
    5. Kyle O'Reilly eliminated Chuck Taylor, Santana, Matt Jackson,
    6. Matt Jackson eliminated Ortiz, Trent, John Silver,
    7. Nick Jackson eliminated Ortiz,
    8. Ortiz eliminated Austin Gunn,
    9. Santana eliminated Matt Lee, Jeff Parker, Colten Gunn,
    10. The Blade eliminated Alex Reynolds,
    11. Trent eliminated Bobby Fish,
    12. Bobby Fish eliminated Dax Harwood,

    7th March 2021


    1. QT Marshall eliminated Alan Angels, Colten Gunn, Austin Gunn, QT Marshall,
    2. Santana eliminated Mike Sydal, Matt Sydal,
    3. Ortiz eliminated Mike Sydal,
    4. Austin Gunn eliminated Peter Avalon,
    5. Bear Bronson eliminated Stu Grayson, Luchasaurus,
    6. Bear Boulder eliminated Stu Grayson, Luchasaurus,
    7. Jungle Boy eliminated Ortiz, Santana, Alex Reynolds, PAC,
    8. Luchasaurus eliminated Cezar Bononi, Griff Garrison, Dustin Rhodes,
    9. Marko Stunt eliminated Evil Uno,
    10. The Butcher eliminated Brian Pillman JR, Dustin Rhodes, Bear Boulder, Bear Bronson,
    11. The Blade eliminated Preston Vance, Dustin Rhodes,
    12. Rey Fenix eliminated The Blade, Christopher Daniels, John Silver, Jungle Boy,
    13. PAC eliminated Marq Quen, Frankie Kazarian,
    14. John Silver eliminated Isiah Kassidy,
    15. Alex Reynolds eliminated Isiah Kassidy,
    16. Frankie Kazarian eliminated The Butcher,
    17. Christopher Daniels eliminated The Butcher,

    3rd February 2021


    1. Marq Quen eliminated Dante Martin,
    2. Jake Hager eliminated Alex Reynolds,
    3. Evil Uno eliminated Jake Hager, Luchasaurus,
    4. John Silver eliminated Jake Hager, Luchasaurus,
    5. Santana eliminated Matt Jackson, John Silver,
    6. MJF eliminated Anthony Bowens, Evil Uno, Nick Jackson, Jungle Boy,
    7. Chris Jericho eliminated Anthony Bowens, Sammy Guevara, Darius Martin,
    8. Luchasaurus eliminated Stu Grayson,
    9. Darius Martin eliminated Marq Quen,
    10. Ortiz eliminated John Silver,
    11. Nick Jackson eliminated Ortiz, Santana,
    12. Doc Gallows eliminated Isiah Kassidy,
    13. Max Caster eliminated MJF,
    14. Darius Martin eliminated Max Caster,

    19th February 2020


    1. Alex Reynolds eliminated Frankie Kazarian,
    2. Cima eliminated Jack Evans,
    3. Chuck Taylor eliminated Jack Evans,
    4. Frankie Kazarian eliminated Jack Evans,
    5. John Silver eliminated Scorpio Sky,
    6. Jungle Boy eliminated Jack Evans,
    7. Isiah Kassidy eliminated Marq Quen, Jack Evans, T-Hawk,
    8. Luchasaurus eliminated Jack Evans, Cima, Angelico,
    9. Marq Quen eliminated Jack Evans,
    10. Matt Jackson eliminated Jack Evans, John Silver, The Blade, The Butcher, Ortiz, Santana,
    11. Nick Jackson eliminated Jack Evans, Alex Reynolds,
    12. Ortiz eliminated Isiah Kassidy, Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus,
    13. Santana eliminated Isiah Kassidy, Luchasaurus,
    14. Scorpio Sky eliminated Jack Evans,
    15. The Blade eliminated Luchasaurus,
    16. The Butcher eliminated Nick Jackson, Luchasaurus, Chuck Taylor, Trent,
    17. Trent eliminated Jack Evans, The Blade,