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Tracking wins/losses across all matches.
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    Filters Wrestlers record by interaction and show.

    Wrestler of the day Alex Reynolds.

    Check out the current records & leaderboards for tag & trios.

    See title holders, reigns and total retentions for all belts

    View wrestlers with the most encounters & longest singles win streaks.

    Find the most appearances, win rates by month/year, first debut wins, see who has the most repeat wins or losses against others.

    Browse through all other stats and view matches by interactions

    See an overall of wrestlers wins & losses and via show and number of matches. Also browse results by episode and matches by show.

    Browse each wrestlers yearly win/loss records & % of match types for each show and which ones they have yet to lose in, compare incoming record & also which wrestlers appear the most on each show.

    View the AEW round robin Continental Classic tournament.

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    2024/04/17 – Dynamite (5 matches)

    2024/04/13 – Battle of the Belts (8 matches)

    2024/04/12 – Rampage (4 matches)

    2024/04/10 – Dynamite (5 matches)

    2024/04/06 – Collision (7 matches)

    2024/04/05 – Rampage (4 matches)

    2024/04/03 – Dynamite (5 matches)

    2024/03/30 – Collision (6 matches)

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    Latest Updates

    Tue Nov 14th

    Match types and comparing

    Browse through the percentage of match types a wrestler has had by show and also if they have lost that match type. You can now compare up to 4 wrestlers and filter down by year.

    Mon Apr 24th

    Multi-person Matches

    We began by adding the ability to view a tag teams history, then added trios. I’ve finally set this up for 8, 10, 12 and 16 person matches – no now you can view who has had the most matches together via wins and losses.

    Thu Sep 15th

    Battle Royales & Tournaments

    Going forward the various stat sections will have their own pages, the first 2 examples of these being Battle Royales which…

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    Winners & Retentions

    Match Types

    Type Matches
    Singles (2327) 2327
    Womens Singles (1134) 1134
    Tag (1124) 1124
    Womens Tag (178) 178
    Trios (398) 398
    Womens Trios (48) 48

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