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Womens title match

26th November 2021

18th December 2019

31st August 2019

  • in a Womens Battle Royale on , – interference from to earn a


    1. Awesome Kong eliminated Tenille Dashwood Ivelisse
    2. Bea Priestley eliminated Sadie Gibbs Britt Baker Awesome Kong
    3. Britt Baker eliminated Shazza McKenzie Bea Priestley ODB Mercedes Martinez Brandi Rhodes
    4. The Bunny eliminated Brandi Rhodes
    5. Nyla Rose eliminated Shalandra Royal Leva Bates Faby Apache Priscilla Kelly Penelope Ford Big Swole The Bunny Nicole Savoy Jazz Britt Baker
    6. ODB eliminated Teal Piper Awesome Kong
    7. Sadie Gibbs eliminated Awesome Kong