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25th May 2019

  • in a Battle Royale on , , was ringside, match officiated by , , , with commentary from , to earn a the announcer was


    1. Sunny Daze eliminated MT Nakazawa
    2. Glacier eliminated Sunny Daze
    3. MJF eliminated Brandon Cutler Dustin Thomas Glacier
    4. Luchasaurus eliminated Isiah Kassidy Jimmy Havoc Joey Janela Marq Quen
    5. Jungle Boy eliminated Ace Romero
    6. Isiah Kassidy eliminated Brian Pillman JR
    7. Marq Quen eliminated Brian Pillman JR
    8. Dustin Thomas eliminated Shawn Spears
    9. Brandon Cutler eliminated Billy Gunn
    10. Jimmy Havoc eliminated Jungle Boy Tommy Dreamer
    11. Ace Romero eliminated Marko Stunt
    12. Tommy Dreamer eliminated Orange Cassidy Sonny Kiss
    13. Adam Page eliminated Luchasaurus MJF