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1st September 2023

AEW Matches

1st September 2023

  • in a Tag Battle Royale match on was ringside, match officiated by , , , with commentary from , , – interference from ,

  • Eliminations

    1. The Butcher eliminated Turbo Floyd,
    2. The Blade eliminated Turbo Floyd,
    3. Kaun eliminated Truth Magnum,
    4. Toa Liona eliminated Truth Magnum, The Blade,
    5. Chuck Taylor eliminated Ryan Nemeth,
    6. Trent eliminated Peter Avalon, Kyle Fletcher, Mark Davis,
    7. Mark Davis eliminated Kaun, Action Andretti,
    8. Kyle Fletcher eliminated Toa Liona, Chuck Taylor,
    9. Dutch eliminated The Butcher, Matt Hardy,
    10. Jeff Hardy eliminated Vincent,
    11. Alex Reynolds eliminated Jeff Hardy,
    12. Darius Martin eliminated Dutch, Alex Reynolds,
    13. John Silver eliminated Darius Martin, Trent,