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23rd Sep 2022

23rd September 2022

  • in a Battle Royale match on to obtain the , , , , , , , , was ringside, with commentary from

  • Eliminations

    1. Penta El Zero M eliminated Ari Daivari, Lance Archer,
    2. Chuck Taylor eliminated Cole Karter, Jake Hager,
    3. Trent eliminated Cole Karter, Jake Hager,
    4. Adam Page eliminated QT Marshall, Jay Lethal, Rush, The Butcher,
    5. Danhausen eliminated QT Marshall,
    6. The Blade eliminated Danhausen,
    7. Brian Cage eliminated Dante Martin,
    8. Dalton Castle eliminated Brian Cage,
    9. Lance Archer eliminated Trent,
    10. Daniel Garcia eliminated Dalton Castle,
    11. Lee Moriarty eliminated Daniel Garcia,
    12. Matt Hardy eliminated Lee Moriarty, The Blade,
    13. Rush eliminated Matt Hardy, Marq Quen, John Silver,
    14. The Butcher eliminated Matt Hardy, Evil Uno,
    15. Jay Lethal eliminated Isiah Kassidy, Penta El Zero M, Preston Vance,
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