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Womens Tag Team Cup Tournament

Tournament Brackets

Quarter Final

  • Brandi Rhodes The Bunny (duos) defeated Mel Penelope Ford (duos)
  • Big Swole Lil Swole (duos) defeated Leva Bates Rache Chanel (duos)
  • Anna Jay Tay Melo (duos) defeated Ariane Andrew Nyla Rose (duos)
  • Diamante Ivelisse (duos) defeated Dasha Rachael Ellering (duos)
  • Semi-Final

  • Brandi Rhodes The Bunny (duos) defeated Big Swole Lil Swole (duos)
  • Diamante Ivelisse (duos) defeated Anna Jay Tay Melo (duos)
  • Final

  • Diamante Ivelisse (duos) defeated Brandi Rhodes The Bunny (duos)

  • Tournament Matches

    22nd August 2020

    17th August 2020

    10th August 2020

    3rd August 2020