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30th Dec 2023

30th December 2023

  • in a Battle Royale match on match officiated by , , , with commentary from , , ,

  • Eliminations

    1. Trent eliminated Serpentico, Lance Archer, Danhausen,
    2. Kip Sabian eliminated Dalton Castle, Alex Reynolds,
    3. Danhausen eliminated Johnny TV, Lance Archer,
    4. Jeff Parker eliminated Lee Johnson,
    5. Alex Reynolds eliminated Jeff Parker,
    6. The Butcher eliminated John Silver,
    7. Bryan Keith eliminated Kip Sabian,
    8. The Blade eliminated Bryan Keith,
    9. Lance Archer eliminated Matt Lee, Christopher Daniels, Rocky Romero, Darius Martin, The Blade,
    10. Luchasaurus eliminated Action Andretti, Trent, The Butcher,
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