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  • Tracking

    Enter a list of wrestlers to track, on your profile you will see all results from those wrestlers matches over the past months.

    See results from various shows during the week & get your own rss feed.


  • Email Updates

    Once you have added wrestlers to track you can choose to receive an email every Monday.

    This will contain the current wrestlers you're tracking along with their results & shows they've appeared on if you want to go back & watch it.

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  • Match Ratings

    All matches will have a rating system allowing you to log in & judge each match out of 7.

    You will also be able to see what other people thought about it & see the highest rated matches.

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  • Match Commentary

    Share your opinions on any AEW match, thoughts about the winner, that match winning distraction or the cheeky rollup & what it will lead to.

    Also see what other people thought & start a discussion & help build a community.

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  • Hashtags

    Help people locate matches by tagging chairs, loud pops, interesting items.

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