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AEW Updates

Tracking all additions & upcoming features
Tue Nov 14th

Match types and comparing

Browse through the percentage of match types a wrestler has had by show and also if they have lost that match type. You can now compare up to 4 wrestlers and filter down by year.

Mon Apr 24th

Multi-person Matches

We began by adding the ability to view a tag teams history, then added trios.

I’ve finally set this up for 8, 10, 12 and 16 person matches – no now you can view who has had the most matches together via wins and losses.

Thu Sep 15th

Battle Royales & Tournaments

Going forward the various stat sections will have their own pages, the first 2 examples of these being Battle Royales which now shows

  • Total number of Battle Royales
  • Previous winners and number of participants
  • Wrestlers with the most entries
  • Wrestlers with the most number of eliminations
  • Leaderboard of wrestlers who have eliminated a wrestler in a battle royale

and Tournaments which will

  • Count the number of stages
  • Winners of previous tournaments
  • Wrestlers with the most matches and number of wins

Fri Sep 2nd

Win Records

Added the ability to view single wins by year and/or month, also view wrestler’s first and latest victories, their debut, and find out who has the most wins per show.

Mon Aug 15th

Single Feuds

Tracking repeat matches between 2 wrestlers, you'll find out who has fought most together, their score and be able to view each individual match and see what the score was between them at that stage.

Sat Aug 6th

Leaderboard for tag and trios

Browse through winning combination in trio matches throughout the year and browse win rate of tagteam and duos on our leaderboard.

Mon Jul 11th

Tracking Feuds

Collecting groups of matches between 2 groups of wrestlers. For example the current feud between The Dark Order vs The Wingmen

Fri May 27th

Compare Wrestlers

You can now compare stats between 2 wrestlers, to see their total wins, recent record, previous encounters etc

Wed May 25th

Added Trios

You can now browse trio teams but also view history of wrestlers matches together in a trios match.

Sat Apr 2nd


View match history between 2 wrestlers, for example Shida vs Deeb.

Fri Mar 18th

Added Duos

You can easily browse the history of wrestlers paired together for tag team matches. For example Adam Page & Kenny Omega.

Tue Feb 15th

Added Head to Head

View previous match ups, their win streak and record coming into the match.

Sun Oct 10th

Title tracking

Added title reigns and also defences for world, womens, tag, tnt, ftw titles, current singles streak & win % record.

Sat Oct 2nd

Tag & Trios

Browse Tag Teams Trios.